Ti Similla 


The name, Ti Similla, meaning “the seedling,” derives from Ilokano: semilia, from the Spanish for seed, semilla.


Ti Similla was conceptualized and first came out as a mimeographed newsletter in 1968 to chronicle the campaigns to make the newly re-established (1961) University of the Philippines College in Baguio (UPCB) known to the locality. The effort came to be known as Ti Similla campaigns which underwent hiatus after a few years.


The Ti Similla was reinvented as a faculty newsletter and resurfaced during the First Quarter Storm (1970).


The oldest extant copy of the newsletter is the August 23, 1972 issue, thanks to the safekeeping efforts of Ti Similla’s first editor, Egbert Abiad, who sent a copy to UPCB when the newsletter was revived in the late 1970s.