This section contains articles on various UP Baguio news and happenings.

    Pink By: Jasmin G. Bayquen Like most girls, I had a fondness for pink growing up. It was such an attractive happy color that I would choose anything pink over others. As an adult, I chose pink and gray as my wedding colors. Long before pink became political in our country, I was already a… Continue reading ESSAY
  • UP Baguio Alumni’s Pangarap na Pilipinas
    Crowd started gathering at Melvin Jones, Baguio City. Baguio stood for Takder Kordi Debunking the rhetoric of a “Solid North,” more than 30 thousand people united on May 2, 2022 at Melvin Jones to show full support to a Presidential and Vice-Presidential bid. A crowd of more than 30 thousand, usually witnessed during the Panagbenga… Continue reading NEWS AND EVENTS
  • __CORNER
    Mything as a Strategy of an Abusive Ex to Lure You Back You cried for weeks, months, even years for the pain that your abusive ex caused you. You have finally made that decision to leave the abusive relationship and move on. You have taken on the challenge to become the best version of yourself… Continue reading __CORNER